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Global waste grow more then 70 percent by 2050

And by 2050, waste generation in Sub-Saharan Africa is expected to more than triple from current levels.

Plastics are especially problematic. If not collected and managed properly, they will contaminate and affect waterways and ecosystems for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. In 2016, the world generated 242 million tonnes of plastic waste, or 12 percent of all solid waste, according to the report.

What a Waste 2.0 stresses that solid waste management is critical for sustainable, healthy, and inclusive cities and communities, yet it is often overlooked, particularly in low-income countries.  While more than one-third of waste in high-income countries is recovered through recycling and composting, only 4 percent of waste in low-income countries is recycled.


AGRO – Industrial Biogas Training

The conversion from biomass by products and waste has the potential to make sustainable contribution to the Southern African renewable industry.  The Agro-industrial sectors are key role player in this.  The IBERT Biogas Training Seminar at the Innovation Hub Pretoria, Gauteng has the objective to develop the tools required to making this a reality.

We invite farmers, engineers, scientists, project developers, consultants, investors and the financing sector to participate in the biogas training seminar .

The course will be facilitated by South Africa market specialists with local and international experience.   The course will facilitate a workable understanding of identifying opportunities and converting them in to realistic projects.

Who is the course for?
  • Biogas plant operator and staff
  • Farmers planning to invest and operate a biogas plant
  • Academic institutions
  • Central and local government officials engaged in AD
  • Banks and investment houses
Teaching Method

Interactive classroom teaching with all experts available for comments, questions and answers. With participants active involvement and practical exercises.

Detail program and Registration Form


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The business case for biogas from solid waste in the Western Cape

GreenCape has observed an increasing amount of interest and requests for information and market intelligence on the production of biogas from solid waste. This biogas document has been developed to assist those considering installing a biogas system. It outlines the factors affecting the financial feasibility of such an endeavour and forms part of GreenCape’s sector development efforts to assist in the uptake of biogas technology and the development of the industry in the Western Cape and in the rest of South Africa.

Read the full report

RE to Meet 36% of Germany’s Electricity Consumption in 2017|Trends|Renewable Energy Institute

This new column series highlights key energy trends by looking into electricity statistics around the world.It draws attention to global trends regarding the energy transition centered around renewables.
— Read on www.renewable-ei.org/en/activities/statistics/20180111.html

It is a good example for our country, organic waste is enough available.

South African statistics says, we can produce more then 2 GWh from organic waste.

Let us do it and fossil fuel reduction save our life.

3 day AGRO-Industrial Biogas Training Seminar

The  3 day training seminar focuses on the biogas market in Africa with attention to the local characteristics of substrate selection, plant engineering and biogas utilization. You will get practical knowledge about biogas plant operation, maintenance and the presented case studies will highlight the best methods of biogas production from biomass waste.
Together with local partners and experts, the course will be facilitated by experienced instructors from the internationally renowned German training institute, the IBBK.

Registration Form

Programme Topics 
(Programme may be subject to change)
Seminar day one:
• Status quo of the biogas sector development in South Africa.
• Outlook and potntial of the biogas sector in South Africa
• Introduction into biogas technology & digester biology
• The different technologies of biogas plants
• Main components of a biogas plant
• Experiences with biogas plant equipment in South Africa
Seminar day two:
• Pro and con of different substrates in a biogas plant 
• Basic calculation models of a biogas plant process with different substrates
• Basic engineering parameters for operation with different substrates
• Start up phase and practical measures for monitoring the digestion process
• Safety aspects and standards 
• Proper usage of digestate as organic fertilizer
Seminar day three:
• Study Tour to two different exemplary biogas plants in Western Cape
The Course-Package will include:
• 3 days seminar
• Seminar-CD with slides of the lectures
• Lunch and beverages
• Beverages during the courses
• Coach travel to biogas sites
• Certificate from UCT (CPD certified)