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Jozi steps up efforts to curb pollution

Jozi steps up efforts to curb pollution
— Read on www.joburg.org.za/media_/MediaStatements/Pages/2018 Press Releases/Jozi-steps-up-efforts-to-curb-pollution.aspx

After we separate the waste we can use the organic for energy production. Waste to Energy is the cheapest and environmental friendliest way to keep our country save and healthy.

Joburg will make household recycling compulsory from 1 July

​In an effort to cut down on pollution and safeguard the environment, the City of Johannesburg will roll out a phased approach to make separation at source…

Biogas is one of the best solution to get organics off the landfill and biogas produce fuel for busses, cars and heating the house.
— Read on businesstech.co.za/news/government/250523/joburg-will-make-household-recycling-compulsory-from-1-july/

Renewable Finance Report 2018

The landscape of renewable energy finance has evolved rapidly. Since 2012, renewable power capacity installations have exceeded non-renewables by a rising margin, representing about 60% of all new power-generating capacity added worldwide in 2016 (IRENA, 2017a). Investment reached a comparable milestone in 2015, when renewable power technologies for the first time attracted more finance than non-renewable power technologies (Buchner et al., 2017), a trend that has continued subsequently.

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A circular economy for food: 5 case studies – Circulate News – Medium

Has food shopping become more complicated?

Whether it’s meat or vegetables, traditional or organic, local or global, industrial or smallholder, even experts disagree on what is ‘better’. The answers…
— Read on medium.com/circulatenews/a-circular-economy-for-food-5-case-studies-5722728c9f1e

RE to Meet 36% of Germany’s Electricity Consumption in 2017|Trends|Renewable Energy Institute

This new column series highlights key energy trends by looking into electricity statistics around the world.It draws attention to global trends regarding the energy transition centered around renewables.
— Read on www.renewable-ei.org/en/activities/statistics/20180111.html

It is a good example for our country, organic waste is enough available.

South African statistics says, we can produce more then 2 GWh from organic waste.

Let us do it and fossil fuel reduction save our life.

Scania testing engines running on untreated biogas and landfill gas

Wow, if Scania get this engines running, that will be a big improvement for the whole industry.

Let hope they get it right…

Scania testing engines running on untreated biogas and landfill gas

Scania testing engines running on untreated biogas and landfill gas
— Weiterlesen eboertjes.wordpress.com/2018/03/09/scania-testing-engines-running-on-untreated-biogas-and-landfill-gas/

Renewables Global Status Report 2017

Are you well informed on what opportunities the rapid expansion of the #renewable sector is offering? Make sure to educate yourself on flexible and alternative power systems by reading our feature on deconstructing the #baseload in the @REN21