Lab service

BMP (GB21) Test

One of the biggest challenges for any prospective biogas developer or plant operator to have its “fuel and digestate tested in a standard and repeatable manner.

IBERT has established an international standard BMP-test (GB21) biogas test service at with different Universities all over the country. The service is offered in conjunction with the PEETS laboratory at UJ, Stellenbosch University and was established with assistance and knowledge of Innsbruck University the microbiology specialist partner of IBERT and with the specialist DBFZ (Deutsches Biomasse Forschungszentrum).

Testing and analysis of any organic material in line with international standards. The BMP test regime, tests organic feedstock gas production ability over a 28 day period.

Test out-put

The typical results of this analysis are:

  • Dry Matter
  • Organic % of dry matter
  • Gag m3 per volume
  • Methane content
  • COD /BOD

These results offer any prospective biogas operator the comfort to have scientifically tested results.

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