bio-audit – evaluating Waste – to – Energy

…has developed a very comprehensive and detailed process of evaluating waste to energy opportunities. The process starts with a “bio-audit” using our proven “QQOPM” methodology:

  • Q = qualify – all organic waste available, record all end used energies used (electricity, heat and HVAC) at a specific site
  • Q = quantify the quantity of material available and the energy potential of the material available as well as quantities of
  • currently used end used energies to form the basis of project techno-economic evaluation
  • O = optimise the process, evaluating the most effective conversion into useful energy sizing the plant optimally and ensuring scope for future expansion of shrinkage
  • P = procure the most appropriate technologies, skills and resources to successfully complete the project
  • M = manage the entire process ensuring that the plant output is achieved in short and long-term

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