Sucro Power – Mandini

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  • Silage Place with Digester

Sucre Power (Pty)Ltd.

Construction Year: March 2017 – July 2017
Commissioning: July 2017


Napeir Grass 12 % DM
Cow Manure
daily feeding:  5.5 to


Mixing pit 40 cbm
Chopper Pump with cutting blades, Mixer
200 cbm DIY-Digester with Gas holder, in – and outlet pipes
200 cbm Storage Tank DIY-System with Gas holder
Gas line with underground gas cooling system.
Technic Container with hot water manifold, CHP and electrical room


CHP 18 kW el. and 25 kW them
Low pressure (40mbar) Gas bottling system and Gas Feeding system for staff houses

Funding EEP  programm

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