Waste-to-Energy System

Food waste is a considerable social problem with huge negative impact on our environment. At the other hand it is also a valuable energy recourse that unfortunately usually disappears unexploited into inclination plants due to lack of efficient pre treatment technology.

Waste packed in plastic, glass, paper etc.
Waste packed in plastic, glass, paper etc.

The ibert technology removes packing, especially plastic, from collected food waste most efficiently and accesses a superior energy substrate with high energy content. The substrate is perfect for anaerobic digestion and production of biogas.Our technology separation unit has extensively been tested with success on waste from private households, grocery sector and food industry over a long period of time.

Plastic separated
plastic separated

ibert can develop a complete pre treatment plant for wet organic waste, robust and efficient equipment makes it simple to receive and process food waste from various sources simultaneously and with a high dry substance.

After treating -Substrate in liquid form

How we get to this result?