DIY – Off Grid – Solution

Standard small biogas system for piggeries addressing bio-security threats and economic sustainability

The objective of the system will be to:
  • Improving the bio security of pig slurry through reduction of various microbiological threats
  • Facilitate growth and sustainability by offering access to energy and fertilizer to produce and process own feed improving profitability of farmer
  • Generate renewable energy that will:
    • Reduce cost of utility electricity usage (Eskom account)
    • Generate heat that can be used in piggery – saving fuel cost for heating
    • Give security of supply (own generation capacity – managing load shedding)
    • Replace fossil fuel with natural renewable fuel
  • Reduce carbon foot-print via greenhouse gas reduction
    • CH4 reduction which is 21 x more harmful than CO2
  • Reduce by-product management and handling cost
  • Reduce solid content of slurry with at least 70% allowing it to be  put directly into an irrigation system
  • Save water
  • Generate a safe green bio-fertilizer that can be used to grow food or sold as additional income stream
Small and versatile:

A ibert biogas solution is an integrated onsite system. It consists of a pre-manufacture digester, with the patented thermo-gas-lift (TGL) heat exchangers ensures optimal efficiency of heat transfer at low operational cost. Low power gearbox driven mixing paddle to ensure efficiency at low energy usage. Power set is a state of the art Stirling motor CHP that ensure the use of any quality biogas.

Biogas plant components:
  • Mixing pit
  • DIY Digester Sytem  200m3 with paddle mixer system
  • CHP gas motor
  • Feeding pump and pipes
  • Batteries systems (back-up storage)
  • Gas dome
  • Electrical DB
  • All ancillary equipment
  • Project management commissioning and training of operators during construction is also included in the cost. Any additional training and equipment not listed will be additional.

DIY – Off Grid – Pricing ➡