DIY Digester System

Logo ibertGenerate your own renewable energy from bio-waste, find alternative solutions to you bio-waste problem,  generate your own electricity and heat.
Ensure independence from Eskom and get security of supply and control your future energy cost

DIY tankSystem require about 7 tons per day or 2,500 tons per year of cow manure or around 6 tons per day or 2,300 tons per year pig manure Retention time is calculated above 25 days.


Electrical output up to 12kW continual power and 28kW thermal energy
Overall efficiency 93% converions of biogas to energy
Water temperature up to 85°C
CHP consumes upto 10,4 m3/hour 12 kW gasfired CHP

Energy output:

18kW elect and 28 kW of thermal energy for 8100 hours per year at a average cost of less than R50c/kWh over a 10 years period.

DIY package includes:
  • 200m3 insulated digester,
  • 2 x TGL (Thermal Gas Lift) heating and mixing system with integrated de-sulpherisation.
  • gas storage, gas level sensor,
  • feed-in and feed-out piping,
  • safety value ,
  • scum/ crust-breakdown mixer

The system is sold with comprehensive assembly and construction plans.
The system can however be installed and commissioned by our approved assembly and installers.
It is strongly recommended that the plant is inspected by our specialist to ensure that it is safe before it is commissioned and that the guarantees will be intact.

Additional options/ plant
  • Mixing pit Macerator and Pump RotaCut, this is typically for material that is not in liquid form eg.  Other dry manure or material like horse manure or dry cow manure or other green material like straw or bedding must be mixed up with water to ensure consistency and correct dry-matter content
  • Transportation will be quoted separately and is based on location
  • Commissioning
  • Operational training available at
  • Installation and assembly (excluding commissioning)