Biogas / Anaerobic Digestion

Logo ibertWhat is biogas

  • Biogas is a natural decomposing of process of decomposing of bio-waste in the absence of oxygen. The process is referred to as anaerobic (absence of oxygen) digestion. And it is a bio-logical process that converts bio-degradable material like; grass, fruits, vegetables, meets/ proteins, vats & oils, food-waste, and all manure into methane and CO2
  •  By creating a stable environment (bio-reactor) with constant heat and ‘required quantities of food” Anaerobic Digestion occurs producing methane gas CH4 and CO2. CH4 makes-up around 60% of the mix and CO2 and various other gasses the balance.
  • It is critical to reduce the sulphur in the mix as this is very harm-full for all internal combustion machines and burning apparatus

Why biogas
It offers the:

  • opportunity to convert your current “waste management problem” into an income/ savings generating solution,
  • Solution to process of bio-degradable waste on-site:
  • Reducing :
    • Carbon foot print
    • Waste problems
    • Odours and un-wanted insects
    • “Manure” dumps
    • odours from settlement dams
    • the use of un-wanted non bio-degradable chemicals in waste management process
  • Improve “waste water” quality
  • Improve “green status” of overall plant
  • Produce bio-gas that can be used to:
    • Run a Combined Heat and power generator (CHP) generating you own reliable electricity supply and hot water
    • Run gas boilers from methane
    • clean and use methane as alternative to diesel fuel

Use of biogas
Once produced biogas can be used for the following:

  • generation of electricity and heat
  • replacement of LPG for heating and cooking
  • as a replacement of diesel in internal combustion engines
  • operation of steam boiler
  • operate chillier from heat recovery