Bio-Grow – Benefits

  • Environmental improvement
    • Soil enhancer, soil recovery system
    • Sustainable alternative to chemical fertilizer
    • Reduce build-up of salt in soil
  • Water usage
    • Reduce water usage per ha due to increase in retention of water in soil as a result of it C/N ration helping the uptake of N in crops improving the “bonding” cartelistic of soil particles.
    • Re-establish and enhance microbial activities in the soil. This is due to higher percentage of available nitrogen which accelerates the N-uptake by plants. This is particularly visible in the early part of the growth cycle.
  • Crop production
    • Has higher ammonium fraction that is more easily accessible by the crops.
    • Accelerates the N mineralization process due to its good C/N ratio. This, in turn, helps the uptake of N in the crops, improving the “bonding” cartelistic of the material with soil particles and therefore reduce leach possibility of the product out of the soil (Ghoneim 2008).
  • Natural pesticides, fungicides toxic inhibitors
    • Is a natural pesticide and is a good alternative to synthetic pesticides when combating nematode manifestations
    • Alternative to conventional fungicides
    • Reduce or inhibit toxic substances in soils typically for the herbicide atrazine and the insecticide chlorpyrifos.
  • Energy
    • Bs is energy positive and use 300 time less energy to produce than Synthetic Fertilizer.
    • This can have a very large impact on a macroeconomic scale and significantly reduce GHG, especially in the food-production value chain.
    • Can save fossil fuel energy and related costs.
    • Increasing fossil fuel prices will make fossil fuel based fertilizers’ price more and more expensive and volatile, which will directly impact those smallholder farmers that currently depend on them.

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