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Renewables Global Status Report 2017

Are you well informed on what opportunities the rapid expansion of the #renewable sector is offering? Make sure to educate yourself on flexible and alternative power systems by reading our feature on deconstructing the #baseload in the @REN21

Biogas could compensate when solar and wind power are unavailable!!

ARTE,  German and French TV chanel, finds out

how exactly this energy source could be employed.

In Africa, we can do this at any time and we make our lives easier. With biogas you do something for the environment and create a better future.

Everyone can use it as in small as well as in large.
ibert can assist you with the implementation of commercial as well as industrial biogas plants.
Contact us and we will do it!

Using ‘cow power’ to make your dairy farm self-sufficient

Manure can be used to produce biogas, electricity and fertiliser. In the process, you will recycle nutrients and increase profits while reducing pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

Read here the full article ➡ Farmer’s weekly newspaper

We have the right technology for all our farmers.

Biogas is the second income specifically for dairy farmers use our IBERT technology and go to the next step on green farming.