About us

Logo ibertstarted by cooperation between the Austrian based Bio4gas Express Rector Technology company (bert) the commercial leg of Innsbruck University and South African energy specialist Otto Hager.
In 2012 an opportunity to convert bio-waste as an abattoir in Jan Kempdorp into a biogas plant. This pilot project created the foundation for ibert
The “I” in ibert is a word play on my as the bert reactors has a relative small footprint and can be installed onsite at the source of waste. So ibert is my bert rector.
The formation of ibert offers clients access to more than 40 years of experience of specialist in the biogas industry like Dr Insam and Dr Wett.
Our Technical Director Mr Horst Unterlechner was a vast experience based with more than 70 operational sites in Europe (Germany, Austria, Italy, France UK.

Our company profile you find it here